May 1st, 2010

ass babies

view from the other side

I was out for dinner last night at Baba with a bunch of people I used to work with, and we were doing the round of "what have you been up to recently" and I was talking about going to Supanova, and G said "oh that explains it!"

Turns out her boyfriend was recently at a supermarket, which happened to be next to where Supanova was held. He was bemused and amused as to why there seemed to be quite a lot of people in the supermarket dressed in costumes. So he asked the checkout chick "Who are all the people in capes?" To which checkout chick replied "Oh i think its another superheros conference next door". He said her bored, "oh this happens all the time" demeanor was priceless!

Oh fandom ILU!

i'd face that

If you aren't watching the Ghostfacers webisodes* then maybe these pics of the newest member of the team Ambyr played by Mircea Monroe might persuade you too. source Here's hoping the Ghostfacer turn up on Supernatural next season.



unpossible princess

So this week's Supernatural was called "The Devil You Know", which to me has only one pop culture meaning and that's the song by my pop princess Kylie - sort of fitting given

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This is and will always be a queer clubbing classic. This performance is from Kylie's Showgirl Homecoming tour in 06 after her treatment for breast cancer. This was the Melbourne concert remains one of my fav concerts ever. And oh those camp boy dancers are gorgeous!