May 2nd, 2010

deep fried crack


Who was it who used to do the crack manips with Jared with moose antlers? (may have been a couple of diff people I think) Coz I think Ben Edlund's been reading your journal.


Another brilliant Zombie Shuffle today - zombie mob even bigger than last year - 5-600 undead easily!

More pics later - my favourite Zombie of the day was probably Zombie!Gaga.

This is tomoffinland74 who was Jeff the Zombie!Wiggle. Renaimate Jeff! Tom got the prize dodgy comment of the day "That's the best use of being Asian I've seen."

I was a zombie!Clown. Together Tom and I had fun scaring random children and ruining their childhoods. And competing to see who could have their photo taken with the most cute zombie chicks.

maybe I should wear this to the Supernatural Con next week....