May 3rd, 2010



Title:The Tattooed Heart
Pairing:Joseph Adama/Sam Adama
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Thanks to mel_b_angel
Words: 2,400 words

Finally some Caprica fic.

This is a coda to episode 5 "There Is Another Sky" and follows the memorial service Joseph holds for Tamara and Shannon, which is interrupted when Heracles arrives and tells him Tamara is trapped in the virtual world of New Cap City.

Thanks to the wonderful Jane Espenson who explained the meanings of Sam’s tattoos here.

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reccing the fics

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Two fic recs:

My Friend by mute90
A look at Sam and Brady’s relationship in college. Note perfect on the character voices. The fic is gen but check the comments for an extended porny scene by the author.

Before the Skywriters Before the Singing Telegram by seaouryou Gabriel, Crack
Crack of my heart! Gabriel is God's messenger - it's just that he does editorialise just a wee bit. Hilarious and very clever.

And Show Me That You Love Me by pavonine NC-17, Wincest.
Something too rarely seen in this, or any fandom. Sam has a kink he wants Dean to try, and rather than then being all “oh yeah sure that’s hot” or "oh that's weird, idk, oh yeah sure that’s hot", this fic looks at how this might play out when one partner is just not into it.

While sometimes I want porn for porn’s sake, I particularly love fics where the sex is messy and maybe not everyone is always half hard and ready to fuck. I would occasionally like a soft cock to feature. Where characters actually have things they prefer doing – or not doing or having done to them. Where fucking doesn’t always equal “dick in bottom”. Where sometimes someone has a headache or is just not that into it and not everyone has mind blowing simultaneous orgasms that cause them to pass out or slide bonelessly to the floor.

Any recs along these lines?