May 4th, 2010


Dunzo meta

So it finally hit me. I mean I grokked it when I watched the episode...but it didn't really hit me until last night...

Sam finally killed the thing that killed Jess

I mean this is huge. In some ways it draws a line finally under this five year arc. This was what propelled Sam back into hunting, and kept him there. Then Dean killed the YED (okay Azazel but he'll always be the YED to me) and said "that was for our mom you son of a bitch".

And so this feels like a complement to that, some completion, maybe a parting gift of Kripke to Sam (and to Jess, who remember has Kripke's wife's birthday as a "valentine" from Kripke to his wife. lol weirdo fanboy husband).

I talked about how I thought the Brady slotted in to the narrative so well in this post, and this adds sense of closure to it, even though Sam didn't know it was unfinished business. Which is why it has that meta feel to it.

Oh side note: I've seen some fans going "oh noes Sam killed a human, why didn't he save his old college friend?" *headdesk* I think the Show made it quite obvious that Brady the human was killed when Crowley SMASHED HIS HEAD IN 9 TIMES WITH A TYRE IRON .

Anyway it just feels like a line has really been drawn under a part of the story. I can't wait tos ee what comes next season.