May 7th, 2010


vote early, vote often

Hey Pommy flisters...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOUR ELECTION???? People being turned away from voting...oh and look the Tories are ahead. What a coincidence!

From what I'm reading they are saying a hung parliament? Does this mean Labour could stay in power if they team up with the Lib dems? Would this happen? Or does the Queen get to flip a coin?

Seriously i hope this isn't a sign of a swing further right in the world. Coz it'll start with the UK and spread.

and Kevin Rudd might be fucked but damn Australia under Abbott would be worse than the Apocalypse.
sparkly balloons

pink ladies

So mel_b_angel is in da town and we got to see Show (WHICH WAS FUCKING AWESOME btw more on that later) and then we headed off to the MCG (our big footy/cricket stadium) for the Field of Women event, which raises money and awareness for breast cancer by Breast Cancer Network Australia. 14,100 people gathered to represent the women (and 100 men) diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Australia.

Us in our pink ponchos.

You can't see it well here, but we all had flashing pink lights (like bike lights), and when they turned the stadium lights off, our pink lady was all sparkly and lit up!

It was a wonderful event. I found the part where all the women currently with breast cancer raised both hands in the air. So many. I actually work for a breast cancer organization, but sometimes you can get so caught up in stuff, that I can forget the importance of what we do, and how many lives this disease affects.

Only criticism by Mel and I was they definitely needed us as music directors, to many soppy songs, and a missed opportunity for some awesome massed dancing!