May 12th, 2010



Just had an email from Hub Productions regarding the ABHL2 Con page on the Wiki: saying that "you remove these links immediately" becasue they are "in strict violation of our Terms and Conditions" and that the people who posted these recordings have also been contacted.
1) watch 'em while you can.

2) I will discuss the Wiki response with admin group. We have never had a request like this before. If you are someone who made the material, I think they could've thrown you out of the Con at the time, but can they can claim copyright to it now???

3) In my reply to them I did enquire whether they had permission to broadcast Abandon All Hope, as well as the many clips, and vids they plyed. They used a Lady Gaga song on their promo clip for the last Con DVD. They also played a number of fanvids, and I would be very interested to know if they had permission from the makers.

Any insight or advice welcome.

ETA: She responded to my email without addressing any of my questions but saying "I look forward to the links being removed"

ETAA: I just checked and I can't find anything on their website that reads like a release from attendees to allow them to videotape us. I remember at Supanova there were big signs saying attendance meant you were giving permission to be photographed and taped. - okay its in fine print on their website.

ETTA: The vids will be taken down soon apparently, and I will remove the links from the Wiki. I will however leave a note that they have been removed at The Hub request.

i am lost

so i sat down to watch this week's LOST. Had a cup of tea and some chocolate and then oops the peyote i took earlier kicked in!


saying LOST got weirder is like saying water got wetter but seriously OMGWTFBBQPOLAR?????