May 15th, 2010


stuff and nonsense

* Saw IM2 which was fun and pretty especially Scarlett Johansson boobs.

* Also saw a trailer for "Tomorrow, When the War Began" and it looks brilliant, even though it will take some getting used to seeing those characters as other than I'd imagined them. I don't know if this book is read outside Australia; its by John Marsden one of our best YA authors. It's the first book in a series about a group of teenagers who become a guerilla group when Australia is invaded, led by a girl called Ellie. A real classic.

* Catching up on TV that doesn't rip me heart out. NCIS: LA continues to be gayer than a double rainbow. Some lovely Abby/Gibbs in NCIS original; I do like my Daddy/Girl dynamic.

* However the NCIS ep was soured by the amazing level of crap about Mexico - apparently a country so dangerous Abby needs an escort to go to a conference, and a trained NCIS agent is warned that staying in a hotel is "too dangerous" Oh and apparently a sip of water will make you sick, and students dress like its the 1950s. Obviously a totally different place to the Mexico City I spent 8 days in last October, where i felt safe wandering the streets at midnight and where eating and drinking failed to kill me.

* Am writing a non-healing finale coda.

* Must try and get up early, as there is a new farmers' market started near me and I want to and hunt and gather.

* Do you call them toast soldiers in the US?