May 18th, 2010


buy the boy a beer

Chad Lindberg interview in which he describes some technical advice Jensen gave him:

In the last episode I did, "Dark Side of the Moon", I had to shot gun a beer. To everybody's surprise I had never done it before and I had to learn before shooting that scene. Jensen gave me a shotgun 101 lesson. I gave it quite a few practice tries before actually doing it on the day.

During one take I didnt tip the head of the can all the way up, so beer was pouring out of the side and going all over my clothes and the Mullet. I told the camera's to keep rolling. I was looking in Jared's and Jensen's face and they had tears coming out of their eyes trying to keep it together.

After about a minute Jensen finally yelled cut and everybody including the crew had a good laugh. It was definitely a moment for while shooting.... It was probably 4 or 5 takes. Like I said I hadn't done that before and Jensen very patiently showed me how.