May 19th, 2010

ass babies

Fan Tales

Inspired by some great reaction from you, plus spurred on by the latest round of fanfic bashing by cranky pro writers: Fan Tales is a go!

Fan Tales is an evening of fan fiction readings presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The aim of the evening is to provide a chance for fans who love fanfic to come together, have a few drinks, and listen to some great writing and then take over the world

The event will be held from 5pm on Sunday October 3rd at Hares and Hyenas bookstore in Fitzroy. Not only is it a queer bookshop with a liquor license, it has a good performance space and will seat up to 70.

Tickets will be $15/$10. Any money from the door left after paying registration, venue and PA hiring will divided amongst the readers.

I am still looking for more writers to read one of their stories, or extract of a story, of 1000 words or less. Any fandom, any genre, any rating. Writers will get 5-10 minutes to introduce their fandom, and provide any story context. You can write a new story, or use an existing one. And if you think getting comments feels good - wait to you get some applause!

Please pimp this out to any of your Aussie fannish friends - I am also happy to hear from artists or vidders who may want to show their work.

fangirls with programmign skills will rule the world

angstlashhope has created the most amazing tool for fic writers - the Fanfiction Header Builder!!

Just finished your epic fic? Need to post but barely have an ounce of strength left? The Fanfiction Header Builder will build your header for you! You can choose what fields you want, just fill them out and the code with all formatting is generated for you!

Here's just an example of how it looks:
Title: Crab Cake Dreaming
Author: missyjack
Fandom: Deadliest Catch/Man vs Wild RPF
Rating: R
Characters: Bear/Hilstrand family
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) may contain traces of seafood

It will be wonderful for Big Bangs fics as it has fields to add url links to master posts, or other chapters.

Grab it now and tell angstlashhope what a genius she is!