May 21st, 2010

stoner cas


Since before the finale I've been comforting the distressed Castiel fans who doubted he'd be returning in S6. My shoulder is soaked in your snotty tears!

And now there's an official announcement that he's back - and hardly a peep! I thought my flist would be exploding with Cas picspams and comment fic memes and love notes? Misha should be trending on Twitter!

WHERE'S THE LOVE PEOPLE? Seriously you are doing this fan thing ALL WRONG.

So dear Angel Assbutt - I am thrilled you'll be back. I hope you grip Sammy tight and, well you know the drill...And if you're going to be Heaven's sheriff - I think you need to be wearing some chaps in S6...

your sole devoted fan MJ

red headed bastard step child

So the CW recycles old promo pics to use in its promo poster for the CW upfronts. AGAIN. Those couple of promo pics they took 3 years ago have been reused more times than a laugh track on a crappy sitcom. And they still haven't worked out how to use Photoshop.

This year isn't as bad as last years "Jared's head is pastede on yay" , but seriously CW - HAVE YOU SEEN JARED THE HULK PADALECKI LATELY??? I mean let's leave aside that in the pics he has BANGS covering his massive fivehead - WHERE ARE HIS SHOULDERS? Last we saw they covered three Canadian provinces.

And why is Jensen's head the size of a bowling ball? And since when was he AS TALL AS JARED? And why does he look like he's auditioning for a part in an 80's New Romantic band???? And his eyes have that sparkle you only usually see in elf manips.

Pic is below the cut. Contains text of the description of S6 on the poster but you can't read it unless you click on the pic.

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thanks to ontd_spnparty for the pics