May 23rd, 2010


what we write part one

With the flood of wonderful codas after the Supernatural finale, I commented that is was like Kripke ended each season with a fic challenge for us, to help get us over hiatus. There’s usually a cliffhanger of sorts, a big what if for the next season, and canon opening up. Which got me to thinking about fanfic and well, one thing led to another and a started drawing graphs, and well, welcome to the first of three metas about fanfic in the Supernatural fandom. There will be histograms, hasty generalizations and wild theories. There are even anal footnotes!

This first post will give be an overview of fanfic, the dominant genres and pairings, and some thoughts on how and why it is what it is.

The second will give an overview of four years of Big Bang fic and the last post is a look at RPF in the fandom.

But let’s start with a pretty pie chart. This is what we write:


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Next up – I bang on about the Big Bang!