May 24th, 2010


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Counting down the minutes til i can leave work and rush home and DL LOST, and trying to avoid the whole internet for fear of spoilers. Anyway - here's some good stuff:

* Crowley is awesome recs I did at spn_themes. I read somewhere *waves hand* that Mark Shepphard said he'd love to do more Crowley, so I hope we see him again in S6. Queer demons FTW! In the menatime there's some great stories to read.

* This month's "Ask The Artist" at spnroundtable is wolfpup2000 talking about how she gets those amazing Con photos. I love her style, and she never fails to catch some great expressions, and awesome details.

* Check the Super Wiki for updates from Asylum Europe including video of the Misha/Marksha panel. And a photo on which both of them drew dicks. Oh boys!

* A group of fans is organising to put an ad in The Hollywood Reporter to thank Kripke for five years of heartache and angst brilliant show. You can find out how to how to get involved at thankyou_kripke. I think he deserves it ;D

Hey Eric - where's my damn Samulet?

Will we ever see Dean's amulet again? Sadly, I think not.

I like to think it could play a role in Season 6, and there have already been some codas where Dean finds it amongst Sam's things and puts it back on. Or I think a great image would be one that one day he finds it hanging from the rearview mirror of the Impala - a sign Sam is back. And they use it to help them find God, and restore peace on Earth. Yeah right.

Joshua seemed to nix it's worth as a God GPS - so what was the point of Castiel taking it in the first place? Or of Dean getting it back only to give it away?

As I mentioned after Dark Side of the MoonI think it was actually it's disposal of the amulet that was important.

I think maybe Cas was led to believe the amulet would help him find God by God, as a test to see how far, how long Cas would keep on that route. I think God realized Cas would was not giving up, and so needed to have his faith brutally shattered. Handing back the amulet then for Cas it symbolizes his rejection of the bad father, of him finally giving up the obedient soldier role. Remember it is from this point that he becomes even more human, not only in having lost his angelic mojo, but in his exhibition of emotion and displays of traits more so than ever before of loyalty, courage, and friendship. (and finally looking at Dean with enough lust that even Dean notices he wants to sleep with him!)

Of course the amulet has always first and foremost been a a symbol of Sam and Dean's relationship. In getting rid of it, Dean was also getting rid of all the old things he'd hung on to in their relationship. Remember Sam gave it to Dean, rather than John, and acknowledgment of Dean's role as protector. When they were kids, this was Dean's role and no doubt Sam needed Dean to be the father John wasn't. But 20 years later, all Season they have been struggling to back from an old pattern that had become oppressive for both of them, and for their relationship.

At the time I said that maybe getting rid of it was a sign that Dean and Sam were really moving forward in their relationship, in a way less rooted in their past. And it was after he got rid of it that in the last three episodes, that this was finally realised.

I think it's loss also ties in too with the idea that a new beginning comes after an ending, after a loss. Which is really what Season 6 will be. We, the writers and the fans, have ended a five year story, but a new one awaits.

I'll miss the amulet ALOT, but I'm excited for the opportunity to see Sam and Dean moving on with their relationship.

And a chance for Sam to give Dean a new piece of jewellery