May 25th, 2010


what we write - you tell me

So one thing that fascinates me in what we write is that in RPF the vast majority of fic written now is AU, as opposed to what for want of a better term I think of as canon RPF - ie stories that use the basic factual elements of the people's lives (Jared and Jensen are actors on Supernatural).

I am trying to get some data on it for my RPF meta, but certainly there was a lot more canon RPF written in the first couple of years of the fandom (this is supported by Big Bang figures too). Why is this so?

I know Jared and Jensen don't supply a lot of material - their lives are pretty boring given they spend 9 months a year filming 12 hours a day in a city that most fans aren't familiar with. Aside from Conventions, we rarely see the guys in public, and the CWs woeful lack of love for our show means little other promotional work.

But is this what has driven people from writing it? Surely the fannish imagination doesn't let RL get in the way of a good story? There are many fanfic tropes that have barely been touched in this genre.

I am sure some people might muse that the increased profile of Jared and Jensen's real relationships may have had an effect, but certainly Jared and Sandy's relationship didn't seem to affect things any more than inspiring more het RPF. (And they are remain the most written about het pairing).

My main guess is just that AUs offer greater scope for plot and character development, unhindered by RL at all.

So hit me with your wild theories and speculations. Tell me why you do, or don't write canon RPF. Is this a common trend in RPF - have you found that in other RPF fandoms things inevitably shift from "canon" to vampire pirates?

ETA: xposted to writingthewall a newish comm for meta on RPF across fandoms. Go explore!