May 26th, 2010


arty farty

Some art related things:

* The campaign at thankyou_kripke to place an ad thanking Kripke for all the heartache and porn inspiration he's given us over 5 years has nearly reached the $ needed. There's also a really cool Spn Set Book that was a wrap present to the crew in S2 you can bid on.

Anyway they are now asking for artists to design the ad - so go! Here are examples of other fan ads and I know our fandom can do much better than those! If you need inspiration I'm thinking Kripke as an elf on unicorn with an antipossession tattoo on his arse....

* I am doing Big Bang art this year for the second time, and my concept requires a bit more technically advanced graphics work than I've done before. I am wondering what (free) graphics programs you use?

* I coordinate the "Ask The Artist" spot each month at spnroundtable which I love because i get to meet all my favourite fandom artists. I take a pretty wide definition - we've had cosplayers, animators, fan mix makers, as well as more trad artists. Anyone you'd like to see?

* I am currently writing the copy to register Fan Tales - a fanfic event for the Melbourne Fringe festival. I need an image for the Festival Guide (hard copy and online. I've been using the one below, but wonder if you - as a fangirl - were flicking thru something would that image make you stop and read? If not, what would?