May 27th, 2010

lesbian icon

to all the queer girls...

from Glee last night.

We all need a Burt Hummel in our lives. Someone who will stand up for us unequivocally , unconditionally, when someone makes you feel like being queer is a punishable offense.

For when your family rejects you or tells you it’s just a phase. When you can’t talk about your queer social life at work. When your straight friends won’t hug you “in case you get the wrong idea”. Everytime you have to say “partner” rather than girlfriend. When your friends are talking about getting married and you go quiet because how do you say “it’s illegal for me to marry” and not sound like a squee harsher? When coming out at work might cost you your job. When your friends don’t want you talking about “it” around their kids. Or your family tells you it would kill grandma/your father/your cat if they found out. When you feel invisible in fandom. When people criticise you for staying in the closet when they’re the ones who make the world unsafe. Everytime you have to come out to a new person and you see them suddenly take a step back. When you get embarrassed asking for a double bed in a motel for that dirty weekend. When your doctor equates being a lesbian with being a virgin. Everytime you stop yourself saying something becasue you don't want to draw attention to your sexuality. When you fear for your safety. When people blame the global financial crisis/earthquakes/oil spills/ the LOST finale on the fact that you like to eat pussy.

Of course most of the time we need to be our own “Burt”. But I tell you what – I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine because being queer is awesome ;D