June 1st, 2010


who ya gonna call?

I am unaccountably happy today, so here's something to make you smile - Misha, Traci and Alona and also all the cosplayers dancing to "Ghostbusters" at the Paris Con. More great vids linked on the Super Wiki. I am trying to track down some more fan reports. I love that inbetween the guests they had panels including "The metatext and self-derision” and “SPN is so gay: fantasy of the fans or reality of the screenplay?". That's our fandom - thinky, porny and great fun!

There's also a lot of vids, pics and reports from the Asylum Convention held in Germany.

Next Con is Rising Con in Spain on June 12-13 featuring Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim, Samantha Ferris and...THE IMPALA. I hope she has a panel.

No official word yet on when filming will recommence - last year it was 2 July, so I'd expect it to be around the same time.

Also there will be a Superantural panel at Comic Con *does happy dance* which Jim has confirmed he'll be going to. Course I am just generally stoked to be going to CC - pop culture nirvana!

What we write: Big Bang 2007-10

Next week, posting will commence for the 2010 Big Bang Challenge and to celebrate this in my own nerdish way, I’ve undertaken an analysis of the genres and tropes of the stories that have featured in this challenge over the last four years. So if you want to know how many words have been written, whether there are more kidfics than historical AUS in RPF, who gets paired with whom most often, and the weirdest warnings then follow me - I have graphs!
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