June 3rd, 2010


house of waaaaax

oh memories - spnparty is having a HoW rewatch and someone said "what about that vid where Chad said Jared was bad at the reach around?" Well this is it.

too fun.

out of the fic closet

I just registered my Fringe Festival event of fanfic readings Fan Tales and the woman at the fringe office told me about another "fan fic" event that's on.

Our new shiny literary centre in Melbourne - "the centrepiece of Melbourne's UNESCO City of Literature Initiative" - is having a night in July and again during the Fringe Festival called Erotic Fan Fiction where they are getting authors (read people with published books) to read "a short piece of filth about a celebrity or fictional character".

So in my city the professsional writers don't bag fan fic - they run events about it! I'll be really interested to go, because this is a whole different form of fanfic, in that isn't emebeded in fandom culture so the form will I imagine may be quite different.