June 6th, 2010


i love it when he talks technical...

TV Guide blogger Tina Charles reports Jensen will direct ep four of Season 6.

Jensen talked about it recently in this recent interview.

Can you say the number of the episode or something about the script?

I don’t know yet. They just told me: “you deserve it!” I didn’t ask for it, which made the whole thing even better. There wasn’t a negotiation, no agents; it was recognition from the crew to my interest and ideas. They noticed because of my active participation on the scenes, sometimes even helping to direct when we were given the opportunity. If one of the directors asked me what we would like to do, I’d always suggest something related to positioning, camera’s angle and movements to have intensity on the scenes. That helps to give more speed to the whole process and it works. When I got the invitation, I felt awkward and really surprised! A lot of people want to direct on Supernatural.

Beyond the suggestions, this new perception also affects your acting style, doesn't it?

Very much, because my interesting was beyond the behind the scenes and it got me confidence to pay attention on the other artistic aspects around me, the lighting or the cameras. Now, I read the scripts in a different way, beyond the simple preparation and starting to think about how my actions could improve the scene. Like, if the script says is going to be a movement conversation inside a motel room, I know that I won’t have a lot of space to move, because the camera would be steady, so, if my action is going to be limited to a small area or a table, whatever, I need to be prepared for that reality. It’s the camera and the acting working together.