June 9th, 2010


Big Recs

Two more BB recs. You'll notice I won't post pairings or ratings with my recs - I think often people miss out on reading great stories by picking based on these criteria. Obviously all this info is on the story header anyway, but I am hoping to lure you at least that far!

* Deep breaths by apocalypsos

Summary: When he killed John, Mary said no to Azazel - and John stayed dead. Fifteen years later she is dealing with being a single mother trying to raise two boys on her own and trying not to kill the head of the PTA. Enter Ellen and her daughter, and Mary finds out her small town life that may not be everything she thinks it is.

Why you should read it: Great plot with a killer twist, wonderful characters and hot lesbian sex! It's 2nd person POV, executed brilliantly, which gives a real intimacy to the story, and a great voice for Mary.

Artwork by ileliberte. I have long been a fan of ileliberte's illustrations and particularly love the line drawing header of Ellen, Mary and the kids.

* Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition) by nekomitsu

Summary:Dean's dead and Heaven has decided it needs a new angel. Dean is pissed at being all golden and glittery and having no dick. Back on Earth, Sam and a fallen Castiel keep hunting.

Why you should read it: Because it's fucking hilarious. Chock full of great banter, witty one liners and pop cultures references, and great creations of Dean, Sam and Cas in particular.

Great art featuring Dean with wings and a cheeseburger by aesc

not happy Jan

This week can go stick its head up a dead dog's bum! But rather than a litany of woe - in times of need I think about the shiny holidays I have planned.

1. Comic Con!! Only a month away and I'm off to LA and then my cowgal coiledsoul and I are roadtripping down to San Diego. Okay i realise its a bit short to call it a road trip but its THE SPIRIT OF THE THING!

The list of panels is starting to filter out and so far I have just a few I might be interested in: Bones, Burn Notice, Castle, Chuck, Dexter, Eureka, Fringe, Futurama, Glee, Hawaii Five–O, Mythbusters, Nikita, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, True Blood and White Collar.

And that's only the TV shows so far. And then tehre's movies and books. and everything else! I knwo a few peeps on my flist are going - are you?

2. Wincon! Have yet to decide my arrangements around Wincon. I do want at least a week in Chicago, not sure if before or after. And need to pick another city to visit I think. NYC always on the list, but idk where else should I visit. It's many years since I've been south, and am thinking New Orleans or Santa Fe. or should I stop in Hawaii on the way home for some LOST memories? Tempt me with a city to visit!

Oh and don't forget Wincon rego goes up from $100 to $125 on June 16th. That's $25 more you'll have to spend on having fun.