June 12th, 2010

Kripkes Wincest fic

hold the presses - fans say something nice!

This is a scan of the "Thank you Kripke" ad in today's Hollywood Reporter. Many thanks to project organisers anteka and trillian276709 and sykodrama for the ad design. If you would like a hard copy of the mag, check thankyou_kripke for details - you can order it from next week. The comm also raised over $2,000 for Kripke's charity of choice, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Knowing us, I am imagining Kripke seeing the ad and turning the magazine over looking for the booby trap ;DD

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j2 touch


Notes from the live stream of the J2 panel at Rising Con in Barcelona by @purplehew

Check the Super Wiki Rising Con page for links to reports

All care and no responsibility in regard to these notes as I couldn’t always catch the audio clearly. As usual there seemed to be a lot of dolphins at the Con. Also this is out of order.

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ETAL: Jared mentioned to someone during the photops that he has another movie booked to shoot next year.

pic via @jiiaffa
im a sex object


from Jensen's panel: He would like a S7 and thinks it might be a fair bet especially as its Smallvilles’s last season, it would leave a big whole in their schedule to lose two established shows at once.

I hope there is video of this panel, as it was fantastic. The questions were regat - actually about acting or the characters, Jensen even commenetd on this saying he was glad not to be getting questions "about his underwear." I for one am grateful not to have more "pirate or ninja? crap.

He talked about playing Dean for 5 years, and the way he spoke about his relationship with Dean was a wonderful insight. He talked about getting to direct, and that what he likes most is Being a story teller. He was very articulate and it was wonderful to listen to.

Summary of J2 and Misha panels