June 14th, 2010


oh the shark has pretty teeth dear

A day of divergent culture pleasures:

* Stonehenge Apocalypse. O.o Seriously. There are robot heads on the moon, your argument is invalid. Can we have a fic where Misha, Jensen and Jared sit around and get stoned and have a movie marathon of DeVour, Christmas Cottage and Stonehenge Apocalypse and argue over why their films are misunderstood works of genius.

Also, weesta and I think there should be a MST3 live commentary of Stonehenge Apocalypse at Wincon. Sign up now.

* Saw The Threepenny Opera starring the genius of Eddie Perfect, with Paul Capsis as Jenny, and Judi Connelli as Mrs Peachum. It had moments of brilliance, but was a bit of a hot mess, with the musical style a bit all over the place, and the OTT burlesque set needing some editing. It had been sort of updated to current day Melbourne and that worked really well - says a lot for an opera written 80 years ago that it still felt spot on as a social commentary. Or maybe it says something about how not so different Melbourne in 2010 is from Weimar Berlin.

* Noms at the Taj Palace followed where the highlight was definitely tandoori mushrooms.

* And the evening was rounded off by some Splinter Cell action on the Xbox with tomoffinland74, wherein I managed not to lapse into my cranky ninja mode during the stealth section.

No work tomorrow because I get a holiday for the Queen's birthday. Hoorah!

ole ole facepalm

vid by vkn12345

embarrassment squick: Medium-high although balanced by dorky cuteness.

Jared and Jensen get World Cup fever and thus remind me of this classic exchange from "Scrubs" which they would do well to heed in the future:

Turk: Dude, what's the rule on white boys dancing in public?
JD: [sighs] Not unless you're gay

ETA: video has been privated by OP. Check the Suepr Wiki for other versions over the next couple of days.