June 16th, 2010


i can't even

Signal boosting amazonziti's wonderful meta collection of responses to the current criticism of racism in the Big Bang fic Caught Between the Earth and Sky .

Why? because the internet is a glorious wonderful place where there is porn and cat macros, and just occassionally you can learn something. To paraphrase Dr Who, if you want to be someone who adds to people's pile of good things in life, you can learn how!

There's many great resources just around LJ - trying cruising through racism_101 and debunkingwhite. If you've never read it, check out the classic essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh.

And finally some video education from Aamer Rahman from Melbourne comedy duo "Fear of a Brown Planet" with his "Workshops for Whitey"


Wiki updates

Hot off the press - official filming dates for Season 6: Jun 30/10 - Mar 31/11 source. Jensen confirmed he will direct the third episode, but that it would be the first one they filmed for the year.

Links to spoilers will be added to S6 episode entries. Remember the Wiki is 100% spoiler free.

Also updates on:

* Supernatural Anime updates including Dean and Sam artwork

* Rising Con links to great fan reports, vids and pics

Hiatus is a great time to play around on the Wiki if you're interested. In August we are four years old!