June 18th, 2010


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Unfortunately, people are often wrong in real life as well as one the internets.

There have been two appalling cases of racism in Australian sport this week source. The only bright spot was when one of the racists used the "some of my best friends are..." card, and one of those friends went on TV and said "yeah - you are a racist dickhead".

Then I was reading about a CEO of a major company who was sacked for sexual harassment, in which the journalist, in an outstanding piece of victim blaming, described him as "an avid admirer of the female form" who "sucumbed to temptation", and who complained that the rules about what was acceptable corporate behaviour were blurry. Umm no. When I go to work i think it's reasonable to accept that I am physically safe.

So aside from writing outraged letters to to the paper (yes - I am that person), I thought I'd share for my Aussie flisters a great way to make a difference.

Get Up is a grass roots community advocacy movement. It is not politcally aligned, you don't have to join any group, or subscribe to a particular ideology. Their campaigns are broadly around social justice issues and the environment and cover everything from mental health and paid parental leave to indigenous health, refugee rights, internet censorship and environmental issues.

The campaigns work by mobilising support on the internet and social media, and then using the media in clever ways. Most of us in any country know how the major political parties largely control the agenda, and dominate the media, for what gets talked about and how we talk about it. Get Up disrupts this control.

The most recent Get Up campaign I've been part of started when politicians auctioned "dates" with themselves for charity. Get Up did an internet whip around and raised $50,000 to win the auction to go surfing with the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, a conservative with particularly inhuman and cruel policies towards refugees. So Get Up are sending Riz Wakil, a former Afgani refugee surfing with him!!! This stunt has garnered huge media coverage (certainly more than $50,000 would ever buy), and given a human face to "the refugee issue" which is important as one of the main tactics of racism in this area relies on demonising and dehumanisng refugees. Already you can see a small shift in the public dialogue, which has been captured for so long by the political parties.

The great thing about Get Up is that you can choose to get involved just in the issues that interest you - all from your email inbox. Involvement usually involves boosting the signal on something, signing a petition, or making a donation. Because these are targeted strategic campaigns, you really get to feel that you are making a difference.

* Check out the Get Up website.

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This makes me want to mainline 100 episodes this weekend:

video is by risenshine22 who also made these amazing Sam and Dean marionettes!!!

And an absolutely wonderful review of Supernatural in The Huffington Post.

In its closer, Supernatural delivered not only one of the finest hours of network television of 2010, but it also supplied one of the most intellectually and satisfying--and yes, sad--closures any sci-fi or horror series ever broadcast.

The reviewer really 'gets' the show and ends a great article by saying:

With all due respect to NBC, this truly is "must see TV," and you journalistic Kingmakers out there who anointed and helped to create franchises out of really questionable crap (V? Heroes?? Really???) should go back one more time and let your heart do the re-evaluating. Any show that can capture the intensity and pathology of two cosmically-screwed and screwed-up brothers silently stargazing on their car hood, or use the placement of a childhood toy soldier as a plot device that reasserts one of these bros' lost humanity (no, not in a cliché'd "Rosebud" way), deserves another look-see, right?

...now where are those dvds?