June 20th, 2010


score one for us

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd been writing outraged letters to the newspaper. Well one actually got published! It was about the reporting on a CEO being summarily sacked for sexual harassment and the reporter totally trivialized the case and blamed the victim. Anyway my letter is here - "succumbing to blaming the victim". Given the fact that the paper published this criticism of one of its own journalists, I hope they make sure it doesn't happen again.

Sexual harassment in the work place is still rife and serious and reporting such as this does nothing to counter the lie that is spread that its "just women who can't take a joke" or "women who don't like a bit of flirting".

We've recently had a new IT Project Manager - who's worked at a range of corporates over 25 years - start at my (female dominated) workplace, and after a couple of months she is still commenting on how amazing it is not to experience harassment on a daily basis.

‘Oh! Kinky desu ka?’

Tonight I went to an exhibition by Mayumi International which was a bit of a retrospective of Japanese queer art with a talk by collector Masahiko Takagi. He gave a bit of a history of sexual identity in Japan and then talked about the evolution of gay art since the 1970s, through to current work including the very popular Gengoroh Tagame, who is known for popularising a hypermasculinised Tom of Finland-esque style, and his manga is very S/M focussed. There was interesting discussion about how this may have been in part a reaction against the predominance of the bishonen aesthetic, although he did say there was niche art (and gay scene) for just about what ever your taste was.

As you can tell I was fascinated! Anyway the exhibition is on till next weekend at Hares and Hyenas Bookshop in Fitzroy.

work by Gengoroh Tagame

work by Hideki Koh