June 22nd, 2010


Big Bang Art Recs

I haven’t done much fic reading this week, so have some Big Bang Art recs to enjoy. These are all art that made me extra keen to read the stories. Links to the fics are on the art posts.

melnath0: Art for The Angel and the Devil, Heavy On Your Shoulders
The artists uses pencil, markers , and conte crayons to create some haunting (and chilling) illustrations. Intense.

muffymorrigan: Art for Pathfinder
Great use of ephemera to illustrate a WW2- era tale. Wonderful manips of Jensen and Jared into old photos.

cryptaniac: Art for [I don't want to] Set the World On Fire
This post of great art includes cyborg!Chad – need I say more?

gembat : Art for I Have Stood Here Once Before
Gorgeous Sam and Cas drawings featuring a hot Sassy kiss!

lightthesparks: Dance While The Sky Crashes Down by
I love the coherence in the style used in this series of post-apocalyptic art

marciaelena: Art for Slow Show
These digital paintovers of Jared and Jensen are wonderfully composed and have great color composition. Love the opne of them in the kitchen!

_afterism: Art for In a Faraway Land You'll Find Yourself
Delightful and whimsical - guaranteed to make you smile.

roque_clasique: Art for Hover through the fog and filthy air
These ink/brusk pictures are evocative and moody.