June 26th, 2010


meta: why is fandom mongamous?

Why is fandom so kinky about sex and so ultra conservative about relationships?

Fandom prides itself on accepting and positively rolling around with naked glee in a variety in sexual practices, yet when was the last time you read a story in which the OTP were in an open relationship? Surely it seems like it would offer everything – you get to have your true love PLUS there are increased circumstances for a variety of sex! But it seems you can have any kink you like - as long as its within a sexually exclusive relationship.

Fandom is obsessed with the One True Pairing as a monogamous, soul bonded true love that makes the love in most romance novels seem positively commitment phobic. Our fannish creations are dominated by this monolith to the exclusion of nearly any other variation on relationships. Why is it that fans are so absolutely narrow and rigid in their definition of what a fantastic loving relationship looks like – or even more broadly what a happy life might look like without a partner?

Hell some fans are so monomanical about the OTP that even the mention in fic that either partner has had sex with anyone else ever in their life is enough to cause an attack of the vapours (see ongoing wank about warnings on fic). Fans are so obsessed with the OTP concept, that even the fact that other fans have a different OTP which they write about can cause high levels of distress and rage (see decades of stupid shipping wars).

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