June 28th, 2010

dean fire

what would Dean do?

I am writing a post-S5 fic in which there is some time before Sam and Dean reunite *stifles sob* and started wondering what Dean might do for work?

Aside from piemaker, the most common post-hunting job Dean is given in fic is as a mechanic, but how good a mechanic would Dean be? I mean I know zip about cars but I do know what's under the bonnet of a 21st century car is substantially different from what they put there in 1967.

Problem is while Dean has lots of skills - he knows lots about guns, quite a bit about breaking and entering, a few bits of some dead languages, trivia about folklore and urban legends - they are not particularly ones that get you a job. Plus there's the whole fact that at 32 he has zero employment history, and at least under his real name a criminal record (and is dead). So that pretty much excludes law enforcement or his childhood dream of being a fireman I would think.

So basically the only thing Dean has going in terms of employability is that he's fit, strong and good looking. Which pretty much leaves factory or construction work, farming, prostitution or weatherman on the local TV news.

Any ideas? Or even for Sam. I mean he's pretty much in the same boat, although he's got that unfinished college degree. And pretty hair.