July 3rd, 2010


twice cooked is barely enough

This morning went to the Queen Vic market which I adore, but it's rather like sending a smack addict to Smith Street, there's just too much goodness! I became sort of mesmerised and wandered the meat and fish stalls transfixed. I ended up getting some flathead tails for tea tonight (one of my favourite fish), and some pork belly and rabbit legs and many shiny vegetables. Around 1pm they start marking things down and the cries of "a dollar a dollar" go up. This is when I have to be careful or I end up with five kilos of mussels or 15 punnets of strawberries just because I can't pass up a bargain!

Later went for a lovely long walk and ended up at the dog park where there were about a dozen dogs of all shapes and sizes causing mayhem - from Butch the miniature foxie up to Rosie the Scottish Deerhound. Poor Rosie just wants to play, but given 90% of dogs are half her size and it's hard as she trips over them, or is likely to swallow them without noticing. She's a real sweetie although she has a coat like a half used steel wool pad.

Being with the dog owners at the park is bit like being in a group of fangirls, everyone can talk obsessively about their dog, it's habits, quirks and bowel motions without being judged. And everyone tells each other how cute their dog is EVEN WHEN ITS A LIE. I know Jack (pics taken today) looks like an old muppet, but I love him ;D (except when he shreds toilet paper all over the carpet, then, not so much).