July 8th, 2010

Kripkes Wincest fic

eric the half a bee

A sneak peek at a S5 DVD special feature - "A day in the life of Eric Kripke"! And yes, I have been going through this vid frame by frame to read all the snippets on the whiteboard - esp love the "FUCK DESTINY!!!!" line :D

More animated Eric PLEASE! (thanks to ontd_spnparty for the link.

There's been some updating at the Super Wiki. In addition to the Season 6 interview page, I've added a Spoiler page where links to all spoilers will be listed.

Remember to check there over the weekend for updates from the Creation Con in New Jersey.

Also - the Supernatural Postcard Project is up and running for Season 6. This has been going since S2 and is particularly aimed at thanking the crew for their great work on the show. You can see pictures of our S5 postcards here