July 10th, 2010

original slash

idol worhsipping muff diiva

I am fully immersed in excitement for Comic Con - there's a joint Joss/JJ Abrams panel, surprise!Tom Welling, panels for every TV show I love, a Dr Horrible Singalong, a ton of crappy merchandise i MUST HAVE, roadtripping with coiledsoul, geeky fangirl get togethers and well, not being at work for 2 weeks! Sunshine will be nice too.

And they have this wonderful scheduler thingy so at least I can start out looking organised!

To add to my glee those whackadoodle Christians from the Westbro Church are going to be there protesting our idol worshipping ways! I am imagining some epic mocking from the Klingons and hobbits. I must remember to wear my "I'm an atheist,idol worshipping lesbian" t-shirt.
sam's pony

think before you click


Jared via dodgy webcam from his bunker trailer banging on about crippled puppies or orphan lolcats or something. But who cares - because we get to see SAM'S SEASON SIX HAIR. And I approve!

Srsly though the freeze frame on this video is CREEPING ME OUT. It's like he's in my computer watching me write porn!