July 12th, 2010

alien lesbian

needs more robot heads

* Four days of work left before my Comic Con Odyessy! Hello America - lock up your daughters (and mothers and any other female relatives)

* Trying to decide how long to spend in Chicago for Wincon trip. Experience has taught me not to expect I will see anything other than fangirls during Wincon, so thinking I should schedule in a couple fo days at least to explore the Windy City. Also there is a SPN Creation Con the weekend before - any of you going to be in town for that? maybe I should buy a day ticket or something.

* Saw Predators last night - it was like a big budget SyFy movie. If you must see it, get stoned. And imagine Misha in it. Adrian Brody was like a piece of cardboard with great abs. Lawrence Fishburne pwned the whole thing. Seriously if your shelling out $$ for Fishburne, Broday and Robert Rodriguez, would it kill them to actually pay a writer to, you know, write a script?