July 23rd, 2010


and I even went to a comics panel!

Comic Con is Sophie's Choice for fans. i mean how do I choose between seeing Zach Quinto interview Tim Kring, or Joss Whedon? How about Adrienne Palicki and Maggie Q on a panel about kick ass women on TV vs Marti Noxon and Felicia Day on a panel about women who work in genre? Do we go to a panel on American horror inc Kane Hodder and Tony Todd - or the io9 party? ARRRRGGHHHH.

So many celebs in the house its incredible. Didn't get to see Angelina at the Salt sneak peek, or Helen Mirren at the Red sneak peek or a dozen others. But i did get to...

an LGBT (well 5 poofs actually) comics panel which was interesting. I actually added some L to the discussion - my v. articulate comment can basically be summed up as "i would like to fuck Wonder Woman but I want to be Batman (and fuck Robin)".

The went to Burn Notice panel, and part of White Collar. Then the highlight - Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams together. Rounded out with Dexter panel.

All fascinating in some way.

Day made so much better by Jen's planning which meant we had a packed lunch and snacks to sustain us all day.

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I missed it, but geeks did us proud at the Westboro Church protest.