July 24th, 2010


more awesome

quick Comic Con post, mainly so i can remember later what I saw! Judicious scheduling, making astute decisions when to ditch a cue and dumb luck meant a great day.

* Hawaii 5-0 panel with Grace Park (funny and cute) and Daniel Dae Kim with some bonus reflections on LOST finale.

* The Walking Dead - new AMC zombie apocalypse series based on graphic novels. AWESOME X 100000000. Filmed on Super16 it's amazing. YOU WILL WATCH THIS.

* Zach Quinto interviewing Tim Kring about his new book/multimedia project. In a really small room, with uber smart fan questions.

* Women gone Genre. Women who write across film, comics and TV about how being a woman has shaped their experiences in the industry.. Inspiring, hilarious, wish it had've gone for longer.

* TV Guide mixed panel with Stars of V, Chuck, Human Target and 2 new shoes. Inc Zac Levi. Morena B, Summer Glau, Chi Mcbride and more. Really really funny and engaging.

* Batman: Under The Red Hood on the big screen. Jensen not at panel but did cute vid intro.

Tired and drunk. Off to bed before I get up and do it all again!