July 25th, 2010


comic con day 3

quick posted as i am tired and a bit drunk and need to pack. Last day tomorrow-up early for SPN panel.

Today was packed - Chuck (OMG Gaga Jeffster!), Family Guy (Seth Macfarlane singing live as Stewie), panel with Sid and Marty Kroff (of HR Pufnstuff fame!), V (Morena is LOVE), Fringe (Joshua was hilarious) and Vampire Dairies (surely that fandom must be polishing their tinhats), and a panel on female fans (crap except for the AWESOME Jane Espenson).

Spoilers for all shows, which I am sure are all over the net by now.

Ran into Mark Shephard and Jamie Hyneman. Misha was wandering but didn't see him.

Tomorrow is Smallville, SPN, and Glee.

then sleep ;D