July 26th, 2010



Having seen panels for a dozen TV shows at Comic Con, Supernatural's was far and away the best and more worth queuing for from sparrow's fart! (my other favs were Chuck and Glee). We got news about the show, reflections on the past season, and the cast and crew being hilarious and showing lots of love for each other.

We got a peek at the Jensen directed episode 4, and the gag reel which was fucking awesome.

* Download of the gag reel
* Gag reel on YT

The panel was Eric, Sera, Ben, Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Jim and everyone of them was on their game and seemed very happy.

There was obvious affection, teasing and bantering between the writers and cast. Jared interrupted Eric at the beginning and said "hey some of the rest of us might want to say something.' Later there was much teasing between them when Jared revealed he hadn't watched Swan Song yet.

Both Jared and Jensen laughed a lot. You know, head thrown back, full throaty laughs. Yup. There was a funny moment where Jared nearly overfilled Jensen's glass of water and they were mucking around and Kripke was all "they're adorable!"

Jensen seemed a combination of nervous and pleased as he introduced the clip of his episode. I liked that later he showed some hubris when he said he "wasn't a director" he had just done a job to the best of his ability. Jim said that "he'd never felt any more secure and well guided as an actor than I have by Jensen Ackles."

Kripke - well Kripke is like a passionate fan girl whose love for the show is hyperactively unfiltered and just bubbles out. His rant about how much love he put into the final, and then how he felt when he went online (TWOP obviously!) and people were""This is a piece of crap!I wouldn't wipe my arse with it" was hilarious, but made me want to send him love letters about it.

The discussion of the Japanese anime somehow segued into the panel discussing something that sounded like tentacle porn which warmed my heart muchly! (Yes, Kripke is reading our kink memes!)

Kripke explained about the "Dumbo's feather" line. (srsly people still didn't get it??)). He wouldn't answer the Chuck/God question, but made jokes about writer as God and "M.Night Douchiness" which he reckoned he'd countered because if made The Writer/Chuck God, which he wasn't saying he was, he at least banged hookers!

Misha was of course deadpan and funny-his fav episode "the one - I can't remember the name- where Sam and Dean hunt the demony monster thing"

Ben Edlund was wonderfully weird as usual describing whacky upcoming episode premises.

Sera was great esp when she talked about women as horror fans, but I think she was quite nervous too. Looked smoking hot as ever.

I can't convey the great comraderie and chemistry there was. While we sort of expect that with the actors, with the writers based in LA, it was lovely to see the playfulness between the all.

For full coverage visit the Super Wiki - links to video of the panel and the press roundtable and reports

Details and of spoilers here. They will rock your world.

Below cut is the article from the Digital Spy Live Blog of the panel with spoilers redacted (it's not a transcript but covers major points)

I love our show. A lot.
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