August 6th, 2010


Superwiki updates

Some updates from the Supernatural Wiki which amazingly is celebrating its FOURTH birthday this month and we are having some great giveaways from Comic Con and some Ghostfacers schwag on the @SuperWiki twitter. That's also the best place to catch all the SPN news, as I don't post every snippet here anymore.

* Super Wiki remains spoiler free but there are links to all the juicy spoiler news! Check out the Season Six Spoiler page for general season spoilers as well as episode specific ones.

* You can now pre-order the Supernatural Anime as well as catch a teaser trailer for it (apparently voiced over by the Old Spice Guy!). Plus catch Eric and Sera talking about it at Comic Con and get your tentacle kink indulged ;D

* Speaking of Comic Con besides the spoilers, there are great pictures and videos from the panel, the signing session and the SyFy party including the surprise appearance of kissing ninja J.Ackles.

* Batman: Under the Red Hood. I highly recommend this animated movie which has got great crit from comic fans and n00bs like me alike. Jensen's voice acting is great, as is John DiMaggio as the Joker and Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing.