August 15th, 2010

bridge macro


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Spoiler rating: well its Jared and Jensen standing at a window. Image is cropped so you can't see any details of the building.

ETA Now I am worried. Is the above comment too spoilery? Good thing I didn't reveal that in Season 6 Sam and Dean will also walk through a door, and sit in chairs (although that second one is just a rumour).

Must love zombies

I am way behind on Big Bang reading (so any recs warmly welcome!), but I have just finished one I want to urge you all to rush and read!

Apocalypse Z by baylorsr

I say read, but I actually listened to it first as a podfic read by the author, and its one of the best produced podfics I've listened to - the zombie sound effects and music were awesome. I loved the fic so much i read it as well.

I came for the zombie apocalypse, which in this story starts sometime after the events of 5.14 My Bloody Valentine, but stayed for Team Free Will. The story is basically Sam, Dean and Castiel battling zombies as they take a road trip to get to Bobby's. The relationships between all three are SPOT ON, portraying the rather unique, rather intense relationships between each of them. This story will satisfy you whoever you 'ship - and its a Gen fic! As an added bonus it features the ever wonderful Gabriel.

The artwork by geckoholic is outstanding too.

Now shoo! Go read it.