August 26th, 2010


Wincon OMG

So it's only 7 weeks til Wincon!!! The merch for this year is up at Cafepress and includes incredible designs by the talented ignited like:

This awesome tote bag which sums up exactly what Wincon is all about:

And this one which is even more awesome - text reads "now with more unicorns"

You should also check out the wincon as there are some posts calling for people to be on panels - inc hurt/comfort, femmeslash, and hot dudes in space - and velithya over here is recruiting for an Iron Man panel.

The panels are always thinky as well as hilariously cracktastic - who could forget last year "How to survive the Apocalypse?" which involved an Ood on a skateboard, learning the morse code for OMG and WTF, and srs type discussions on the end of civilisation.

If you haven't booked for Wincon - check out the Wincon website, or let me know what I can say to convince you to come - if the unicorn t-shirt alone wasn't enough!
j2 touch


So the SPN Vancouver Con is on this weekend and features Jared, Jensen, Misha and a cast of thousands! I'm very excited that production designer John Marcynuk and location manager Russ Hamilton are doing panels and I can't wait to hear their stories of making the Show.

As usual we'll be collating the links to tweets, vids, pics, transcripts and reports on the SuperWiki and I'd love to get some more people involved in trawling the web for goodies. So if you love following all the Con news, it would be great to have you on board to help make the Wiki coverage as extensive as possible. Just drop me a note here or email me at and L'll give you the low down.