August 31st, 2010


oh look a can of non-arthropod inverebrates

So it looking like a seventh season of Supernaturalis looking like a distinct possibility. You can read why here.

Oh yes. I may have forgotten to mention I have been seeing other blogs - but then again LJ knows monogamy is not in my lifeplan. We have started a blog for the Super Wiki. It takes the place of the old superwiki_news here on LJ. Reality is the majority of Wiki users are not on LJ, and we thought we'd try out a blog as a way providing Wiki updates and also have place where people might want to discuss things in a way they can't do on the Wiki or Twitter. And of course direct fans to pages of the Wiki they may nto be aware of. It's a bit of an experiment, i am not sure the world needs another SPN site, but we'll monitor traffic and see how it goes.

Anyway - Season 7. Predictably people's reaction are the same as they were when Season 6 was announced. Mainly - oh noes they will ruin the show, and dismay at Jared and Jensen staying with Supernatural when they could be doing other projects.

On the first thing, I don't think longevity of a show is always correlated with declining quality. Sure it can happen, and long running shows can suffer when the creative drive runs out and they end up either rehashing old stories or themes, or collapsing under the weight of a myth or character arc that was never constructed to persist so long or due to other factors rather than the writing such key actors leaving (yes I am looking at you X-Files on all counts). Check out this list of long running US TV shows.

On the issue of the boys' careers, they face something many of us do - how long do you stay in a job? I think its particularly hard if you're in a job you love, with people you like and getting paid well. Esp when you're an actor and don't know when/if you'll ever work again.

Despite fans wishful thinking, Jared or Jensen will not be walking straight from SPN into a big movie career or even another TV show. Let's face it Hollywood is not exactly short of hot 30 something guys who can act. And there are plenty of actors who've starred in hugely successful TV shows who never seem to work again. have a look at past male Emmy winners and play where are they now. Look don't get me wrong, they've both got talent and I hope they both have great careers, but I don't think another year on SPN is going to ruin their Oscar chances ;D

Anyway S7 is a way off yet - I'm just looking forward to S6, and seeing how life after the apocalypse unfolds.