September 2nd, 2010

original slash

i heart my show

I have been a poor LJ friend recently, generally doing a post and run (which is exactly what this is). Work has been exhausting and the rest of life has been - well I think I've just been curled up in the back of my cave a bit cacthing up on awesome TV, writing tl;dr metas in my head and planning my WinProm outfit.

* Report from the J2 meet and greet at VanCon inc great stuff from jensen on directing, and working with Jared in the future.

* A gorgeous photo study of a full-body Jared laugh by growyourwings

* As she does each Con wolfpup2000's study of guest's shoes.

* Spoilery interview with Sera Gamble includes this classic excerpt:

Q: Fans are so passionate about this show. Is it funny to know that for years they were saying, "Please let it be renewed, please let it be renewed," and then hear wariness from some when it is renewed this time, just because they love it so much and are afraid of it going on longer than it should?

Gamble: 'You know who might fuck up the show? The writers! You know who might fuck up Sam and Dean is the writers!' [laughs]

No, we love the fans. That's the thing about writing on a genre show. I'm a genre fan. I will boldly admit to being a life-long Trekkie. I was born and bred on the cheesy rock [set] and William Shatner. So I am well aware of what it is to be part of a fandom. And fandom is defined by meticulous care and really giving a shit and having strong opinions and arguing. It's a community with opinions. If they were in a room they'd be fist-fighting some of the time. You know, the Sam-girls and the Dean-girls would be like pulling each other's hair, some of them! That goes with the territory, and it's also immensely rewarding because they're giving a shit and they're paying attention.

ETA: On the comentaty for The End, Eric mentions that Sera was meant to be on the commentary, but had been called up for jury duty - and had gone in her Star Fleet uniform!