September 3rd, 2010



I understand and share people’s concern about the new LJ Twitter and Facebook ticky boxes, but I also think LJ fandom has to face the fact that the cyber fannish landscape is changing, and we need to change too.

Fandom on LJ has always existed as if we were protected by a cloaking device. In the past, our fannish identities and activities were protected by the fact that few outside of fandom knew about LiveJournal, even though anyone could see our posts. Even when fandom or fanfic was been talked about, it was generally websites or forums that got the attention. Who ever heard of LJ?

If things on LJ got linked to, it was usually within a fannish space. Some were more public that others – I know a number of fans that didn’t like their fanworks being linked on TWOP boards for example but by 2006 many people were tagging fics on delicious. Fanvids of course have been out there on YouTube for years.

Word of LJ as a place of fannish activity got out. Blame Google and ONTD for that. Still, we on LJ pretended we were invisible. The whole LJ Strikethrough of 07was a shock as much for the fact that it made us realize that yes, people could see us, as anything else. It also reminded us that there are things we do here that we don’t want scrutinized. It’s not just about the disapprobation of fandom in the broader community, some things we do here are highly transgressive. Or in some places sort of illegal.

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So when I realized there was a Creation Con the weekend before (October 8-10) Wincon, I thought I might go to and so bought a couple of tickets for the Sunday. I've since decided I'd rather spend the time with fangirls in NYC, so I'm selling the tix.

The tickets are preferred seating for the Sunday only and are T 19 and 20 which is just behind the silver package seating. These tickets are now sold out. Misha, Jared and Brock Kelly are the guests currently advertised for the Sunday. I paid $70 each for them, and ma happy to sell them for $120 the pair (payment by Paypal only). There are also still Misha autos and photo ops avail from Creation.

C'mon - Jared and Misha - it will be like a double rainbow!