September 6th, 2010


I love you because when you look at me I feel like a hero

So earlier this year at the Melbourne Queer Film festival I got to see a Brazilian film called Do Começo Ao Fim (or From Beginning To End) about two brothers who love each other in that special way.

The movie is like a delightful piece of fanfic - shmoopy and romantic; pretty and not too deep. My review/recap which is chockful of every plot spoiler is here

Here is the movie for your downloading pleasure!

Film and Subtitles

If you use VLC media player, just go to "Video" and go to "subtitles track" and click on the subtitles file. Make sure you save both files in the same folder. If you use another program - well Google is your friend ;D

thanks to xasterisk for the original files - these are my uploads and I am happy for you to share the links.

And yes, we'll be having a viewing of this at Wincon - somewhere in between Stonehenge Apocalypse and A Christmas Cottage ;D