September 7th, 2010


Route 666 meta - I miss conversations that didn’t start with “this killer truck”

Rewatched Route 666 because I think its instructive given where Dean ends up at the end of Season 5 – but that’s another meta. This one is about what went wrong in Route 666 to make it an episode viewed by Kripke and fandom alike as a bit of a car wreck. What interested me on reviewing was where it ran off the road, and how fine the line is between an episode working and not.

First of all – the good. Route 666 is a Monster (truck) of the Week episode with a great tense climax, some juicy Dean backstory, and another important step in the evolution of Sam and Dean’s relationship. Not to forget naked Dean having sex. How is this not a great episode?

Amusing side note. Anthony Pinker , one of the editors on the episode reported about some network involvement in the episode: "The violence we don't get a lot of notes on." For the episode Route 666 though, "... The note I got from the network was 'The girl can't be on top.’” (see the Route 666 entry on the SuperWiki for more trivia)

In terms of both character and plot, I think the failing is in writing that demonstrates what happens when you spend too much time telling rather than showing.

Let's start with the format for every MOTW episode which a memo the writers of this episode apparently failed to receive:
1. A person/s is killed by a monster
2. Sam and Dean investigate and find out some lore
3. The boys are have a confrontation with the monster and fail
4. Some more information comes to light
5. Boys attack the monster and win
6. Brotherly moment under a bridge

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