September 8th, 2010


state of the nation

* Nearly 3 weeks after the election Australia has a Government! And its the Labor Party (the lefties) ruling with the help of a rag tag bag of MPs which include a hipster Greenie, an ex-spy who resigned over the misues of intelligence to support the invasion of Iraq, and 2 whackadoodle independents who a guy who quoted Highlander in his announcement speech (The can only be One!) and some other dude.

* If they can make it work i think we may actually get some good policy out of this weird mix

* I still love that we have a Prime Minister who was born overseas, is from a working class family, is openly atheist, happily childless woman in a defacto relationship with a hairdresser (who has 3 children from 2 previous relationships). However its disconcerting how much Julia sounds like Kath Day-Night esp when in her speech she said "let's pull back the curtains and let the sun shine in".

* Mad Men this week was one of those hours of TV I'll remember for a very long time. The pay off of three and a half seasons of character development. Brilliantly heartbreaking. Peggy really is my hero.

* Work continues to be hard and exhausting, but still rewarding.

* Also I am reminded why i work when I remember in four weeks I'll be in NYC! *happy sigh*