September 12th, 2010


misadventures on twitter

I follow a few celebs on Twitter and occasionally if they are conversing with the masses I tweet back, mainly because I am the type that can't hold back a witty bon mot even if noones listening.

So Nathan Fillion was tweeting about the new Halo game that comes out tomorrow - something in which i have a keen interested as its one of my favourite franchises. And he talked about how this ad that had hot girls playing Halo. Then people starting tweeting him about how this was just a boy fantasy (and the Twitterverse is seriously deficient in its understanding of sarcasm) And he linked to this awesome vid:

Anyway at some point I tweeted "Hey I'm a gamer girl and I'm hot" (Oh shutup, I am claiming poetic license)

I didn't give it another thought until late last night I checked my @replies and noticed this stream of saucy comments about me and gaming. Apparently Nathan F retweeeted me and now I have a couple of hundred new followers who fulfil all the stereotypes of sleazy, socially awkward boy gamers. And who loose a million geek points because most assumed my profile pic is of me when its actually Christina Hendricks (as Joan from Mad Men) who they should have recognized as Mrs Reynolds from Firefly.

Its sort of creepy having them all following me - although I may have been playing with them by tweeting about playing Gears of War in my lingerie.