September 16th, 2010

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TV is my dominatrix

One thing I love about TV is that is "fly by the seat of your pants" story telling. Whereas books and movies produce an essentially static finished product (at least until the sequels come out!), serial TV is dynamic and organic. No matter how tightly plotted the story is, how anal and controlling the showrunner, it's a collaborative process taking place over nine months subject to budget constraints, the availability of actors, demands of the network, feedback from the audience and much more.

Supernatural is a show that continually loops back and connects with its own past, making for a rich narative. Sometimes this is becasue of the deliberate, clever forthought - the planting of the amulet for example. Much of it though is at least partly luck - what Kripke calls on the S5 DVDs, things that give the writers "the appearence of intelligence" ;D

The video below is from the Season 3 DVD and is Eric talking about "Dream A Little Dream of Me" I thought this was interesting given Lisa and Ben’s reappearance in the narrative in Season 5.

Lisa’s appearance in 'Dream A Little Dream' was, it turns out, somewhat serendipitous. The big scene in Dean’s subconscious was going to be the appearance of Jason from Friday 13th, until rights issue with the character meant they had to do last minute rewrite, and that they chose to write the scene revealing clearly Dean’s desire for family (and also that it contrasted nicely with Sam just having a sex dream. And yes, Sam going down on Bela – very sexy!) and that they decided to use Lisa, which obviously gives a nice resonance to the scene, that using a random woman wouldn’t have.

The ramifications of this of course are that this second appearance in connection with Dean’s wanting a family, made her a likely choice when the writers started to consider Season 6, and the idea of Dean trying to live a 'normal' life. We can, and I am sure will, have a discussion about how well this was ultimately sold. Some fans say Lisa's importance to Dean should've been made clearer with earlier S4 or 5 appearances or mentions. The reality is, of course ,that the writers probably didn't start seriously thinking about breaking S6, about plotting beyond the apocalypse, until late in 2009 when they were already halfway through writing S5, and S6 started to seem a fair bet. Then they worked her into the end of '99 Problems', and thus set up the end of the finale.

The other scene Kripke talks about in the video is the one where Dean finally gains some sense of self worth. Initially JDM was meant to apepar in the scene representing dean's his persecuting superego (the bad part of the internalised father) but his lack of availability means we got that wonderful scene of Jensen's playing against himself. In an abstract sense, I think is a more sophisticated repsentation of what is playing out psychologically, realistically though we missed out on an another angry scene between Jensen and JDM, which is humanity's loss.