September 18th, 2010


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From It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Blood. It’s a motif used throughout Supernatural to represent many things – family, guilt, contamination, infection, danger and death.

In this scene, Sam rubs blood on Dean’s face, to ‘mask’ them from Samhain. Sam, despite his early refutation in Metamorphosis, has obviously continued working with Ruby and drinking her blood. Later in this episode we, and Dean, will see this, and get a rare glimpse of the Sam that Sam hopes he is becoming. Strong, capable of defeating powerful evil, the man who can save the innocent. The man he hopes Dean will see him as.

It’s a moment full of symbolism. It’s Sam taking charge; Sam taking care of Dean and he’s doing it with blood. Blood is what links Sam and Dean through family and blood – demon blood - is what is tearing them apart. Here, for a moment, blood saves them both. Sharing blood, they are both the same.

It’s an intimate moment, as Sam daubs the blood on Dean’s face. Dean does something that becomes increasingly rare over the next two seasons – he trusts Sam without question.
And while the boys wear masks here to hide from Samhain, they’re are also wearing masks that hide them from each other.

We all wear masks of course, different masks with different people. With those closest to us sometimes we take them off sometimes – less often really than we’d like to think. Sam and Dean have always worn masks with each other and over 5 years we’ve seen the time when the masks are taken off, or when they slip off, but at this point in their lives I think the real issue is that each is wearing a mask means when they look in the mirror (another recurring image in S4) they can no longer see who they are. They’ve both lost touch not only with his brother, but with himself.

rainbow high

* Am cooking one of my favourite dishes - it's like Chinese barbecued pork and a bowl of pho had a love child.

* Had Yum Cha at the Oriental Tea House y'day and picked up some Pu Erh tea which is this pressed femented tea which is amazing!

* Work continues to be uber busy but am less stressed now that my boss acknowledged I am doing the work of two people - literally - and I get to employ someone to do half of my work! Until then though, I have had to bring work home just so I don't drown in it.

* However the joy of fandom kept me smiling. I loved having my flist explode with excitement over the promos for the SPN premiere (and a certain .gif resulting from it) and the promos themselves made me squee until I strained something.

* wincon is less than a month off and the panel and workshop schedule went up plus posts about everything from karaoke excursions to face painting. I love that the Sunday night "Stragglers" dinner already has 46 people coming - noone ever wants to leave Wincon! I've got my Winprom costume sorted (thank you eBay).

* Writers are organised for my Melbourne Fringe Festival Event Fan Tales and I've even sold some tickets. Press release has gone out and hoping to line up some interviews next week.

* I get to play Halo:Reach tonight - Covenant beware!

* From that meme about posting a spontaneous, untouched pic of yourself I took one at work yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it.

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