September 24th, 2010

deep fried crack

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So it was obvious at the end of Season 5 that SUPERNATURAL WAS RUINED. I mean SAM was in a BOX in a HOLE in HELL because we know the writers HATE HIM and CASTIEL was shoved off to Heaven to make sure he wasn't actually IN THE STORY. And the writers had to RUIN Dean's character because the show has always been about SAM so they have DEAN settled in DOMESTIC BLISS as a CASTRATED SOCCER DAD who had SEX WITH A WOMAN and there's this cute mini-DEAN kid. I can just tell its going to be like like some badfic written by some superovulating fangirl. THIS WAS NOT THE SHOW I SIGNED UP FOR. ;(

So I in a desperate attempt to see if my FEARS were misplaced, I rifled through Sera Gamble's trash and came up with some storyboard sketches THAT REVEAL THE HORRIBLE TRUTH. Our dear show has turned into....

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*no actual spoilers used in the making of this poorly constructed crack

like a motherfucking adult

* So much great TV on at the moment especially in terms of variety – Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Rubicon, Glee and some great sci-fi shows. I’m just getting finishing S2 of Warehouse 13 which I love it’s imaginative, playful chock full of pop culture references, and wonderful likeable characters.

* Aussie TV managed to play Glee the same day it aired in the US. Please do this with more shows and save me some bandwidth!

* Little snippet from Comic Con for those of you watching Hawaii Five-0. They were going to redo the original theme but in the end decided to REUNITE all the musicians who played on the original track and rerecord it. So cool.

* Aside from you know what, the two shows I can’t wait for are the return of Caprica and The Walking Dead. Sexy robots and zombies! Both with Bear McCreary soundtracks! I will be spamming you about these shows soon.

* SUPERNATURAL TOMORROW AND I AM VIBRATING WITH ANTICIPATION. Also I am such a geek that I am also excited about doing the new episode entry on the Super Wiki afterwards. Its one of my rituals of watching ;) Twitter hashtags are #spn666 and #theboysareback

* My Melbourne Fringe festival event 'Fan Tales' is on Sunday October 3rd. We’ve got six local fanfic writers reading a range of fic and I am really excited for it. Publicity is ticking along, and I’ve got a radio interview on 3RRR lined up next week. We’ve even sold some tickets! If you’re in Melbourne – come along and join the fun.

* Have finished a huge project at work so now I can concentrate on getting excited for my holiday. Fucking wincon has SOLD OUT! I am on the Supernatural panel run by errant_jane with rhythmsextion and <”lj user="aggybird"> and if the panel is half as much fun as our planning sessions you’re in for a treat. Plus I have nearly assembled all the bits for my WinProm costume.

* Day off today – must CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. Didn’t I just do this? Then doggie walk followed by haircut.

goodbye hellatus!

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Come tell me how excited you are! As __tiana__ and I agreed - we know the Premiere will be awesome, the only question is what particular flavour of awesome it will be! Personally I think it will be chunky rocky road with a side scoop of tiramisu.