September 26th, 2010


epic show is epic

Just a bit of a link dump as I STILL haven't finished my episode reaction post. I sort of disappeared down the rabbit hole of updating the Super Wiki, which okay call me a geek, but I love doing so much especially with episodes like this one which link back to the past so much.

* Episode Entry for Exile On Main Street. Complete although transcript still needs finishing (feel free if you want to play!)

* In great news the ratings were great for Supernatural's shift to Friday night. Apparently all the guys were watching! As a comparison, its rating of 2.8 million was down from the Season 5 premiere, but it was the same as the average viewing for S5. The CW must be pleased - they actually put out a press release about it!

* Maureen Ryan, one of my favourite TV critics has moved to TV squad, and has a very insightful review of the season premiere.

* I did post a late-night musing on the Supernatural new opening titles.