September 30th, 2010


two caps; two comments

Dean's terrible hallucination that Lisa and Ben will meet the same fate as Mary and Sam gave us a scene of strong and disturbing images.

Firstly I read the faux night sky in Ben's room, a shoutout to the scene in Swan Song about Sam and Dean going on dates when they'd sit in silence on the hood of the Impala looking at the stars. A comentary on the shift in Dean's life from the open road to a home. And here we have it as the backdrop to Lisa, as the iconic scene of Azazel's murder of Mary (and later Brady's of Jess) is recreated.

I have always loved the strength of the image of Mary's death. Playing with the horror trope of the woman in the white nightie, her bloody belly a strong symbol of her death being related to her womanhood. It's shocking and its replay here empahsises strongly why Dean would - all other feelings for Lisa aside - stay to protect her rather than leaving with Sam.

This really topped it for me on the creepy scale. While the image of Sam as an infant being fed drops of demon blood was distressing, then it is more than trupmed by a pre-pubescent Ben sucking at Azazel's wrist in a tableau that encapsulates all the ways that bloodsucking is badwrongsexual that the myriad of the other vampire texts around fail to do.